Our Facility

Our child-friendly facility is located in 842 Thomas S. Boyland Street, Brooklyn, New York.

We want them to enjoy and maximize their stay with us, so we have created a place where they can explore and enjoy with their friends. Clean, safe and conducive facility for your children is what Early Stars Academy offers.

In accordance with the New York State Office for licensing, punishment or frightening of a child, such as hitting, spanking, shaking or verbal or sexual abuse, withholding or forcing of food, or punishment for lapses in toilet training, or other forms of physical abuse will not be used or tolerated, even at the parent’s request. Time-outs may not be used for children under the age of 3, and may last no longer than 5 minutes.

***Failure to comply with the terms and agreement of this contract can and will result in immediate termination of services.

For questions or other concerns, you can Make An Appointment with us. Enrollment of your kids may be done conveniently through our online form. You can also Contact Us at 347-526-1844 or 718-922-2330 or 631-903-5780.

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