Day Care Center Information


Registration $35.00
Infants $200.00
Children 2 to 5 years of age $175.00
School Age Children (full time) $140.00
School age children (After School) $115.00

Childcare out of the normal schedule will be arranged on the basis of need. All fees are to be paid in advance on Monday of each week, no later than Tuesday morning. We ask that you be punctual with your payments.

Children may be absent for indefinite periods of time. However, we will not hold any space vacant for more than two weeks. If you are interested in securing your space, you will be expected to pay the weekly fee. Our fees are paid on a weekly basis. If your child/children are absent for a part of the week, you are still responsible for full payment.


Payments may be made in cash, checks, or money orders payable to V G’S Family Day Care. Checks returned unpaid will not be tolerated. There will be a charge of $35.00, payable immediately.


  • Change of clothing and wash cloth
  • Children in diapers: 8 pamper daily, wet wipes, powder and other toiletries.
  • Parents must prepare bottles and all foods for infants under 12 months.
  • Flat sheet for sleeping

Medical: A medical is required prior to the children entering the program. The Department of Health mandates this; therefore there will be no exceptions. All shots must be up to date. A medical is required every six- (6) months for infants under two years of age, and once a year for children over two.


Sick children, especially with temperatures will not be accepted in the program. Children with any type of skin rash must have a doctor’s note stating that the child’s condition is not contagious.


If your child becomes ill while in our care, you and your emergency person listed on the application will be contacted immediately. Please be advised that we will use our best judgment in the event your child becomes ill. If we (provider and staff) believe that a child needs emergency care, the child will be taken to the nearest health facility. All expenses incurred will be the parents/ guardian’s responsibilities.


We will not administer medication. However, parents or guardians may assign some one to administer medication at the day care with written permission. Written instructions from the doctor indicating dosage and time medication should be administered should be clearly stated. All medication given at the day care will be recorded.

If your child is out sick for more than two (2) days, it is required that you bring a doctor’s note upon return.


Our Day Care operates on a schedule with activities set for each day. Lateness can be very disruptive to the on-going activities. Therefore, it is necessary for us to put a cut-off time in place. No child will be received in the program after 10:00am. If your child has a doctor’s appointment the cut-off time will be 11:30 am with a doctor’s note.


Please note that as child care providers, we are obligated by law to report any or all suspicions of child abuse and maltreatment.
Please note that all infants under 12 months will be placed on their backs to sleep to minimize the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as crib death.


We will not be responsible for personal belongings such as jewelry, toys and books, which are sent with children to the day care. We ask parents not to send toys to the day except on those days when we request an item for show and tell. While we encourage children to share, they are not always willing to share their personal belongings with others.

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