Our curriculum is designed to encourage independence, and to help them socialize with their peers. Your trust is highly valued in Early Stars Academy, and we keep our promise by making your children’s stay with us productive and enjoying.

  • Preschool Programs
  • Infant/Toddlers Program
  • Before/After School
  • Training and Consultation
    • Child Growth and Development
    • Family and Community Relationships
    • Observation and Assessment
    • Environment and Curriculum
    • Health, Safety and Nutrition
    • Professionalism and Leadership
    • Administration and Management


Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks are served daily. All children may participate in the food program. However, if you would like your child/children to eat breakfast, they must arrive by 8:30 am. It will be the parent’s responsibility to feed their child/children at home if they cannot arrive on time.

Lunch is served at 11:45 am. If for any reason your child/children will be dropped off later during the day, it is your responsibility to feed them. A menu is available; it is a part of the attendance sheet that you sign in and out of daily.


If weather permits, children are taken outdoors daily. Please be sure that your child/children are dressed appropriately. During the summer months, children spend a great deal of time outdoors. It is important that their clothing and shoes are comfortable. On those days that children will go on trips outside of our immediate location, parents will be notified in advance and given the opportunity to accompany their children.

In accordance with the New York State Office for licensing, punishment or frightening of a child, such as hitting, spanking, shaking or verbal or sexual abuse, withholding or forcing of food, or punishment for lapses in toilet training, or other forms of physical abuse will not be used or tolerated, even at the parent’s request. Time-outs may not be used for children under the age of 3, and may last no longer than 5 minutes.

***Failure to comply with the terms and agreement of this contract can and will result in immediate termination of services

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