About Us

Early Stars Academy offer training for trainers, providers and parents. We are declared the Best on Core Body of Knowledge by New York States’ Core Competencies for Early Childhood Educators.

Your child is a priceless gift, thus making them very special in each family. As parents, you only want what is best for them, by giving them the care and undivided attention that they deserve. As much as parents want to be with their children, they also need to go to work to ensure that they will be giving their little ones the support they need.

Early Stars Academy is a locally owned Services For Children and Families Institute. We have been offering services to children and families in the counties of New York for years.

Behavior Management

Appropriate, positive behavior will be modeled for the children. Children of any age will be re-directed from unacceptable behavior or taught appropriate alternatives as a first step. When a child appears to be overwhelmed, they are offered a private place or quiet activity as an opportunity to re-group and regain self-control. Our goal is to teach the child to seek out a less stimulating activity or place if he or she feels herself/himself becoming overwhelmed.

We guarantee your child’s optimum development with the help of our experienced and dedicated staff. Your little angel’s security and welfare is given high importance that is why we take full responsibility in the employment of our staff. They have undergone extensive pre-employment procedures, including a thorough background check to guarantee your child’s safety.

Families are encouraged to share any changes in their child’s environment, which may affect moods and or behavior. Such situations should include:

  • Changes in family situation (i.e. separation, divorce, death in the family)
  • Parent or guardian out of town
  • People visiting the children’s home
  • Child taking medication
  • New addition to the family

In accordance with the New York State Office for licensing, punishment or frightening of a child, such as hitting, spanking, shaking or verbal or sexual abuse, withholding or forcing of food, or punishment for lapses in toilet training, or other forms of physical abuse will not be used or tolerated, even at the parent’s request. Time-outs may not be used for children under the age of 3, and may last no longer than 5 minutes.

***Failure to comply with the terms and agreement of this contract can and will result in immediate termination of services

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