Day Care Center


We provide your child with essential knowledge and skills they need. Our aim is to nurture your little one’s talent and skills.


Day Care Center


For questions concerning about our enrollment, programs and other processes, let us know so we can help you.


Advantages of

Early Childhood

Don’t think too much whether you are going to enroll your child in our day care center. Know the advantages of enrolling them at an early age.

Welcome to Early Stars Academy


Our aim is to provide an environment that is safe, nurturing and conducive for the development of your children. Your child/children at the appropriate age will be taught a number of things to help their development. Toys, shapes, colors and other manipulative materials are used to help your child/children learn. Children are introduced to letters and numbers, along with other tools, which will enhance growth and development.

We look forward to sharing a stimulating, creative, educational and just plain “ fun” school year with your children.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind that will enhance your child’s experience.

  • When dressing your child/children for Day Care, please understand that certain messy activities are part of our curriculum and learning experience.
  • Encourage children to slowly express themselves and relate the events of their day to you. They will feel secure in knowing that you are interested in their progress. Don’t forget that verbalization and sequencing are vital skills for pre-readers.
  • Should your child come home upset, please do not hesitate to call us at 347-526-1844 or 718-922-2330 or 631-903-5780. Sometimes a small misunderstanding can be cleared up before it escalates into a problem.
  • Birthday Parties: If you wish to have a birthday party at our school for your child, please notify us in advance. Remember we have a daily schedule and must make some advance adjustment. School policy allows for only store bought cakes, cupcakes or doughnuts, table cloth, balloons and a present to the school (i.e. puzzle, story book, or cassette tape), and if you wish, party bags. Cakes should be store bought and pre-packed.
  • The first two weeks of school mark a new stage for your child. It takes approximately two weeks for your child (and parent) to adjust to being away from each other. Your patient and support will make the transition a comfortable and happy one.

Your cooperation is necessary to ensure that the school functions smoothly.

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